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The industry faces pressing needs to limit health, safety, and environment (HSE) risks, prepare workers for live facilities, and reduce costs - all while providing much-needed on-the-job experience.

The iSiteData extended reality solution offers a powerful answer. By re-purposing 3D models in a virtual environment and adding logic, we enable immersive training remotely - from a home office or outside in the field.

Leveraging design models or as-built scans from the field, iSiteData integrates logic to help users gain familiarity with control rooms, valve configurations, processes, and HSE protocols before entering the live environment.

The solution natively supports document viewing in-headsets or on tablets / phones. This allows pairing standard operating procedures, maintenance guides, and other HSE-approved materials with virtual assets.

An example is this video demonstrating an interactive session on isolating and replacing a pressure gauge using block and bleed valves. The immersive, hands-on learning accelerates competency building safely.

Please Note: The videos shown here try to show the HoloLens experience but the video capture from the device itself is inferior to the real thing. Contact Darbury for more information

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