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Darbury is focused on creating custom software solutions to enhance our clients' existing systems. While we do not currently offer commercially available applications, developing our own software products is an area of interest for the future.

To date, all applications produced by Darbury have been designed specifically for the unique needs of individual clients. Our software is tailored to integrate seamlessly with each client's infrastructure and workflows.

We are skilled in a wide range of programming languages and frameworks. We build native iOS apps using Xcode, augmented reality experiences with Unity 3D, web applications using Microsoft Visual Studio, and more. This diversity of expertise allows us to select the optimal technologies for each project.

Below are some examples of bespoke solutions we have delivered for key clients:

Autodesk Apps

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  • TagScrape - Scrape all Asset tags from DWG file
  • TextScrape - Scrape all text to match query
  • TxtReplace - Replace function for text in DWG file
  • UpdateAtt - Update all DWG attributes
  • P&ID Equipment List exporter

Darbury Apps

  • COG - Centre of Gravity calculations
  • Baseframe - Baseframe size calculator
  • Lifting Lug - Frame lug size calcs
  • AR - Augmented Reality 3D models
  • AI - Picture analysis

Power Platform

Microsoft Power Platform Logo
  • Power Bi Dax functions
  • Low-Code Apps
  • Power Apps to SharePoint data
  • Easily distributable Power Apps
  • Transferrable Apps

iOS iPad / iPhone Apps

  • GPS location to HoloLens
  • Artificial Intelligence analysis
  • AI Predictive analysis
  • Engineering calculations
  • Autodesk ACC data interaction

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