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NFC Technology

Darbury leverages Near Field Communication (NFC) technology to enable seamless mobile interactions.

NFC allows smartphones and tablets to execute certain actions when in close proximity to compatible devices. This is the technology that powers contactless payments, as well as services like Apple Pay. With NFC enabled on a mobile device, it can read special electronic tags when brought near them. These tags may either redirect the device's web browser to a specific URL, or transmit data that can be processed by a mobile app.

Darbury primarily uses NFC tags in two ways:

Business Card Replacement

As part of Darbury's commitment to reducing our carbon footprint, we have chosen to eliminate printed business cards. Instead, we utilise NFC tag technology for digital business card sharing.

When meeting a Darbury employee, they will present a single NFC-enabled business card. By bringing a smartphone near the tag, the device browser will be redirected to a personalised digital calling card for that employee. This provides immediate access to the individual's LinkedIn and Twitter profiles, as well as an email link. The information can be updated on the backend website at any time.

This approach eliminates the recurring costs and paper waste associated with purchasing traditional print business cards. It's one small way Darbury aims to lessen our environmental impact.

Additionally, utilising digital business cards over traditional printed cards reduces potential virus transmission risks from residual contaminants on card surfaces. In the current climate, any opportunity to minimise contact risks helps provide greater confidence and safety. Though the risk may be small, eliminating the handling of business cards is one more way Darbury aims to reduce COVID-19 and other virus exposure. Our digital card sharing solution enables the same professional networking while prioritising health and safety.

Please let us know if you would like a demonstration or any additional details on this sustainable solution.

Autodesk Construction Cloud (ACC)

The Autodesk Construction Cloud is a cloud-based platform that centralises project data, documents, 3D models, and other information to streamline on-site management. It provides digital tools for collecting comments, taking notes, filling out forms, creating checklists, managing assets, integrating schedules, and more - enabling comprehensive oversight of construction progress through a single application.

Since it is cloud-based, Autodesk Construction Cloud can be accessed via laptops, mobile devices including smartphones, with user permissions to give the full project team access to relevant data.

For asset management, the platform integrates barcode, QR code, and NFC tag functionality for quick component identification. NFC tags can be programmed with a unique ID and attached to assets like equipment, packages, pallets, etc.

Opening the app, users tap into the Asset module, activate the NFC reader, and scan tags on the component to instantly pull up information on that asset. This allows attributes to be updated in real time, such as changing status from "shipped" to "given to contractor for installation" or adding commissioning details.

Using NFC tags on assets is an easy way to simplify on-site information access instead of thumbing through reams of paper drawings and documentation.

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