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3D Model Visualisation

The iSiteData extended reality (XR) solution leverages 3D models from the design phase of a project as a portal to relevant documents and data. Using natural gestures like gaze tracking and taps, users can interact with virtual objects to connect to relevant files and information. The solution offers the option to isolate specific systems like equipment, steel structures, or piping through an integrated control panel.

Darbury has utilised varying devices including Microsoft HoloLens, Magic Leap & the iOS iPad / iPhone capabilities. Next, the new Apple Vision Pro may be used as well. The solution relies on an Augmented Reality basis, not VR, so the user can be on site to receive information in the glasses without the risk of not seeing the surrounding hazards.

Key capabilities:

  • Tap gestures on a virtual object initiate a search in the client's document management system using the object's tag number as a reference.
  • Gaze focus on a pump can show live metrics like flow rate, valve state, or temperature by linking to facility IoT data.
  • Access to the right data in context at the right place.

The iSiteData solution aims to add value and reduce costs through immersive analytics in industrial environments. We see extended reality as a game-changer for the future of work.

Additional use cases in development include visualizing underground utility lines to a depth of 5 meters and integrating location services for precise real-world alignment of models without GPS.

Although the current device has no GPS, iSiteData apps bring the physical location of the user to the device enabling accurate model positioning. Another example of being able to add value & reduce overall cost in the field

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