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What is a Digital Twin

A Digital Twin is a philosophy, a methodology of policies and processes implemented on a facility to ensure an accurate replication in a digital form of the operational and maintainable assets. It is the collective processes, systems and tools needed to accurately maintain the digital representation throughout the lifespan of the facility.

What a Digital Twin is Not

A Digital Twin is not just a 3D model. A 3D model, however, is most likely to be included in the Twin as it is easy for all staff, ireelevant of technology knowledge, to view the facility, plant, building or assembly line in a digital form.

It is not a single database. There are likely to be multiple databases, data sources, files and records that are included in the Twin which combines the information to a single-point for access.

A Digital Twin is not a cheap option. To realise the benefits that Digital Twins promise, an increase in the accuracy and records during all phases of the project, construction and operational lifespan of the facility needs to happen.

DigitalTwin image

DigitalTwin image

When does a Digital Twin Exist

A Digital Twin is dynamic with accurate information being updated. It only exists in the Operations phase of a facility, plant, manufacturing assembly line or building. Anything prior to the handover of the project or the startup of a facility is a static Digital Record.

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Digital Twin Services

The following items are all services offered to enhance your Digital Twin strategy or deliverable:

Strategies, Plans, Documents, Standards and Governance

  • Strategies - Defining a Digital Twin strategy for owners, contractors, designers and other project entities
  • Plans - Defining plans on achieving the strategic goals for Digital Twins and Digital Maturity
  • Documents - Assistance with a variety of documents:
    • Policy documents for projects and businesses
    • Processes documents
    • Work flow diagrams
    • Swimlane diagrams
    • 'Day-in-the-life' documents detailing responsibilities and expectations
    • RACI charts
    • Training documentation and aides
  • Standards- How to conform to standards like ISO19650 or IFC data standards, how to set company standards to achieve the strategy, plan and goals set
  • Governance - Auditing process functions on measuring compliance to standards, contract documents or project requirements
  • Training - Full training documentation, requirements, plans and schedules

Systems and Data

  • Systems - Digital Twin component systems from vendors, technology up-to-date
  • Data - Formats, data sources, technology, validation systems
  • Bespoke Solutions - Unique solutions for data migration, formatting, validation, completeness and compliance to governing standards

Benefits and Cost

  • Benefits - The benefits of enabling a Digital Twin throughout the operational life og the facility:
    • Predictive analysis of failures rates and maintenance costs
    • Increased knowledge in the company about the facility and data in general
    • Increased data accuracy increasing reliability in the information
    • Efficient view on information via the 3D model and the numerous data sources
    • Ability to locate exactly every component of each type in case of manufacturer recall
    • More accurate forecasting
    • Better "just-in-time" spares management over time
    • Predictive analysis for failure rates
    • Pre-population of future projects and scopes of work
    • Increased rotating equipment monitoring and recording
  • System Cost - Technological solution price, upkeep yearly costs, training schedules and onboarding information
  • True Cost - Calculations of the true cost of maintaining the data quality, ensuring continual compliance throughout the life of the facility, enabling Facilities Management to the same standards and the cost of not ensuring quality


  • Manufacturing - Not only gaining from having a live Twin of the process but also building Digital Twin components in to the products they produce for their clients to benefit from the enhanced data
  • Heavy Industry - Gains the most from an accurate Digital Twin of the facility, allowing the full range of benefits to be observed
  • Buildings - An accurate ROI needs to be calculated to ensure an overall benefit after a Digital Twin deployment. The risks are higher in the building industry to actually gain from the benefits
  • Hospitals & Schools - Incorporating the recent Buildings Safety Act, the 'golden thread of truth' and govenrment regulations to Digital Twins

Public Articles

As we are dedicated to simplifying the language around Digital Twins and to combat some of the false information out there, articles have been written and presented on public forums. These articles exist to break down the complexity and to increase the awareness of the subject within industry.

LinkedIn Article

LinkedIn Article

LinkedIn Article

LinkedIn Article

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